As a scientist I’m passoniate about communicating my field to a broad audience. During my time as a student I’ve been involved in a variety of outreach projects such as PubhD Oxford and Argon (see below). I’m always looking for an excuse to work with the public and get involved in science communication. Please feel free to take a look through some of my blog posts below to find out more of the types of project and events I’ve been involved with.

I'm a Scientist, Stay at home

Towards the end of April and beginning of May I took part in I’m a Scientist’s (IAS) “Stay at home” event. For those of you...

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Oxford Sparks Q&A

On the 30th April I was lucky enough to be asked to appear on Oxford Sparks’ live Q&A session. For those of you who are...

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PubhD Oxford

PubhD Oxford is a platform for PhD students or graduate researchers to explain their work in the Pub to a general audience. Eve...

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Argon MD

Argon is a molecular dynamics app developed by members of TMCS CDT. The app explores the basic concepts of Computational Chemis...

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