I'm a Scientist, Stay at home

Towards the end of April and beginning of May I took part in I’m a Scientist’s (IAS) “Stay at home” event.

For those of you unfamiliar with IAS, it takes the form of a series of online chats between school children and real scientists. Students get to ask scientists any questions they have in short (~40 min) sessions as well as being able to ask questions on a forum. At the end of the event students can vote for their favourite scientist in each dedicated zone!

I was lucky enough to take part in an IAS event back in 2018 and was more than happy to take part this year. The theme of IAS “Stay at home” was a direct consequence of school closures due to the COVID19 pandemic and gave students the opportunity to ask scientists how lockdown was affecting their work and routine.

All of the chats I took part in were great, the fast-paced nature of each session was really fun and I received some pretty impressive questions from the students. I must’ve done something right as at the end of the second week students voted for me as their “scientist of the week” as part of the Medical Research Zone!

I’ll still be taking part in IAS online chats over the course of school closures here in the UK. It really is a fantastic initiative that is incredibly rewarding as a scientist! If you’re interested in taking part take a look at the IAS website for more information!